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Delivering excellence through international certification & training!

ISCT-Group is the official representative in Africa for an international institution providing Auditing, Certification, and Training services of International repute on Management Systems & Standards Worldwide. we opted for certification made in Germany, for that We represent UNICERT GERMANY, and ………….. body certification for Management System Certifications, and we are also accredited Exemplar global, IQM Learning, and IFCES as a training provider. The prime mission of ISCT-GROUP is to provide transparent, Impartial and Value Added training & certification services to help its customers achieving qualitative business goals with trusted assurance


Management System Certification 

with its partners, ISCT-Group provide assessments & certification services to organizations on internationally recognized standards and provide associated certified trainings to reap the practical approach and benefits. ISCT-Group believes in helping its clients to acquire practical benefits of the certification by adopting best practices of standards along with trusted seal of certification. Getting Certified by us will provide the high level of confidence among all levels of stake holders of certified organizations. ISCT Group have adopted the Continuing Assessments Model for certified clients by visiting them regularly for surveillance assessments and monitoring the benefits of certified management system leading to continuous improvements. We do also offer regular trainings along with assessments to achieve the goals of certified clients.

Why Choose certified Training?

Certified training will greatly improve your knowledge and skills in aligning learning with business strategy to ensure competitive sustainable growth. By attending the ISCT-GROUP program training you will master techniques to understand the strategic importance of organizational development, focus development options in order to add value and demonstrate return on investment, identify and develop your key personnel, as well as increase overall performance in your organization. Having highly developed people in line with a clear business strategy becomes a unique differentiator in the ever-competitive market you may operate in.